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From June 2018, Free Fire brought the Elite Pass or Fire Pass system in the game. Another Elite Pass gets presented with each season that for the most part goes on for a month. From that point forward, another Elite Pass goes to the game. The Elite Passes brings things like characters packs, skins, acts out, and so on.

The Elite Pass is vital in Free Fire on the off chance that you are a stalwart gamer and need to make an imprint in it. Be that as it may, you need to spend the in-game cash (jewels) of Free Fire to get an Elite Pass. In this post, we will share the Elite Pass or Fire Pass venture in Free Fire up until this point.

1 Season 1 – Kitsune (June 2018)

The Kitsune was the 1st Elite Pass of Free Fire. Around then, not many individuals had precious stones in their records. Thus, relatively few players spent the precious stones to get this go, as Elite Pass’ idea was additionally new. It brought the Sakura Blosson skin and packages, which are the rarest in Free Fire. There was a requirement for just 175 identifications to finish this pass.

2 Season 2 – Hip Hop (July 2018)

The Hip Hop was 2nd Elite Pass of Free Fire. This time players were confounded concerning for what reason to purchase the pass once more. Consequently, very few players got this pass as it were. There was a requirement for 200 identifications to finish this pass.

3 Season 3 – Doomsday Madness (August 2018)

The Doomsday was the third Elite Pass of Free Fire. With this pass, Free Fire went all Doomsday. It brought distraught max-style prophetically catastrophic outfits. Aside from that, the player hopping to the guide had the option to plunge on a consuming metal machine piece. There was a need of 225 identifications to finish this pass goes on till date.

4 Season 4 – Royal Revelry (September 2018)

The Royal Revelry was the fourth Elite Pass of Free Fire. It brought a royale topic to the game and permitted the players to take on the appearance of ruler and sovereign with the selective packs. It brought along the Ceremonia Real skins.

5 Season 5 – Pirates Legend (October 2018)

The Pirates Legend was the fifth Elite Pass of Free Fire. It brought the privateers subject to the game with its groups and skins. The packs included different privateers motivated things, for example, caps, garments, weapons, and so on. It was something like what you have found in the motion pictures and games.

6 Season 6 – Arcade Mayhem (November 2018)

The Arcade Mayhem was the sixth Elite Pass of Free Fire. It depended on the 8-piece topic and brought comparative ensembles and skins. With this Elite Pass, the engineers presented the Elite Pass pre-request framework in the game. It likewise brought the elite pre-request reward.

7 Season 7 – Steampunk Revolution (December 2018)

The Steampunk Revolution was the seventh Elite Pass of Free Fire. With this Elite Pass, engineers began delivering stories behind the Elite Pass. The topic is Steampunk unrest, which is run of the mill garments of the European mechanical transformation time with numerous motor riggings.

8 Season 8 – Impulsive Shock (January 2019)

The Impulsive Shock was the eighth Elite Pass of Free Fire. It was cool as far as looks just as the trailer. Aside from the male and female groups, it brought act out, parachute skin, surfboard skin, rucksack, and so on dependent on the Elite Pass subject as it were.

9 Season 9 – Bomb Squad (February 2019)

The Bomb Squad was the ninth Elite Pass of Free Fire. Later another game mode with a similar name was likewise presented in the game. It was the military-themed Elite Pass and brought Pet Food, Permanent Scar Skin, M79 (Grenade Launcher) skin, C4 Pump model plunder box, Evolution Stone, and significantly more.

10 Season 10 – Anubis Legends (March 2019)

The Anubis Legends was the tenth Elite Pass of Free Fire. Its subject depended on the puzzle and excellence of Egypt. The male skin duplicates god ‘Anubis’ and female skin imitate goddess ‘Anuput’. It brought a great deal of Egypt based things in the Elite Pass.

11 Season 11 – Dragon Slayers (April 2019)

The Dragon Slayers was the eleventh Elite Pass of Free Fire. Its declaration terrified players in light of the fact that numerous players watched a mythical beast meandering on the guides of Bermuda and Purgatory. It likewise brought the Slayers themed ensembles and things.

12 Season 12 – Wrath Of The Wild (May 2019)

The Wrath Of The Wild was 12th Elite Pass of Free Fire. It depended on the Panther topic. The male ensemble of Elite Pass was roused from T’challa’s suit in the 2018 film ‘Dark Panther’. There were different things dependent on a similar subject.

13 Season 13 – Rampage Redemption (June 2019)

The Rampage Redemption was the thirteenth Elite Pass of Free Fire. It depended on the Rampage topic. Later another game mode was presented with a similar name. Since the hour of this Elite, Pass MobileModeGaming is continually giving you the Free Fire related most recent news and data.

14 Season 14 – Primal Hunter (July 2019)

The Primal Hunter was 14th Elite Pass of Free Fire. Numerous players were not happy with this Elite Pass. The skins in this pass raised a great deal of eyebrows because of its inferior quality. The players were frequently grumbling about the diminishing in the nature of the skins.

15 Season 15 – Sandstorm Warriors (August 2019)

The Sandstorm Warriors was 15th Elite Pass of Free Fire. After past Elite Pass, players were anticipating that something alluring should the world class Pass, however this time additionally designers frustrated them. This Elite Pass was an insight to the up and coming desert-based guide ‘Kalahari’.

16 Season 16 – Gunslinger (September 2019)

The Gunslinger was 16th Elite Pass of Free Fire. There is an uncommon spot for this world class Pass in the hearts of Free Fire sweethearts. The explanation is, it was accessible for nothing to all players. No doubt, you read it right! It was free, and it is the main Elite Pass in Free Fire till date to be made accessible for nothing.

17 Season 17 – Blood Demon (October 2019)

The Blood Demon was 17th Elite Pass of Free Fire. The skins accessible in the Elite Pass did genuine equity to the name of tip top Pass. The male group Ruby Demon and the female pack Red Samurai, were both genuinely boss in looks.

18 Season 18 – Death Penalty (November 2019)

The Death Penalty was the eighteenth tip top Pass of Free Fire. The male and female heap of the Elite Pass accompanied savage looks. It additionally brought topic based gloo divider skin, firearm skins, and so on.

19 Season 19 – Ghost Pirates (December 2019)

The Ghost Pirates was the nineteenth Elite Pass of Free Fire. It was the subsequent privateers’ subject world class Pass after Season 5’s ‘Privateers Legend’. It likewise brought appealing topic based ensembles, skins, and different things.

20 Season 20 – Shadow Combat (January 2020)

The Shadow Combat was the twentieth Elite Pass of Free Fire. This pack had the standard things, i.e., the male and female skins and furthermore had some different treats for the players like Magic Cube Fragments, Weapon Skin – VSS, and XM8, Loot Box, Backpacks and Banners.

21 Season 21 – T.R.A.P. Transformation (February 2020)

The T.R.A.P. Revolution was 21st Elite Pass of Free Fire. This Elite Pass depended on Free Fire’s first-historically speaking self-made soundtrack and music video ‘T.R.A.P. – I’m on fire ‘. There were numerous ensembles and skins dependent on the soundtrack topic.

22 Season 22 – Wasteland Survivors (March 2020)

The Wasteland Survivors was 22nd Elite Pass of Free Fire. The pass depended on the end of the world topic. It brought Doomsday Raider and Doomsday Ravager male and female pack, among different things. There was World’s End Dead Lootbox as the pre-request reward.

23 Season 23 – Agent Paws (April 2020)

The Agent Paws was 23rd Elite Pass of Free Fire. The pass depended on the feline subject. It brought Agent Tail and Agent Kitty male and female groups, among different things. The restrictive pre-request reward was Inner Instinct Backpack.

24 Season 24 – Forsaken Creed (May 2020)

The Forsaken Creed was the 24th Elite Pass of Free Fire. It brought Unseen Custodian and Shadow Custodian male and female groups, among different things. The selective pre-request reward was Ancient Order Gloo Wall.

25 Season 25 – Fabled Fox (June 2020)

The Fabled Fox was the 25th Elite Pass of Free Fire. It depended on the Fox subject, as the name itself recommends. It brought Kitsune’s Riposte and Kitsune’s Revenge male and female groups, among different things. The selective pre-request reward was Kitsune Backpack.

26 Season 26 – Rampage II: Uprising (July 2020)

The Rampage II: Uprising was 26th Elite Pass of Free Fire. It was the subsequent Rampage subject based Elite Pass after Season 13’s ‘Frenzy Redemption’. It brought Turmoil of Ruins and Kiss of Ruins male and female packs, among different things. The selective pre-request reward was Lifebeam Treatment Gun skin. Another improved mode, ‘Frenzy 2.0’ was likewise acquainted with the game.

27 Season 27 – Sushi Menace (August 2020)

The Sushi Menace is the 27th Elite Pass of Free Fire and is as of now live in the game. It depends on the Japanese food subject. It brought Sashimi Slasher and Ramen Slayer male and female groups, among different things. The select pre-request reward was Oni Mask.

These are the every single Elite Pass of Free Fire till date. Likewise, If you are searching for changeless individuals to join your group, become a section of our activity.

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